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Petition to Partition For Unmarried Couples – When One Does Not Want To Sell The Home

Under Massachusetts law, no one can be forced to own property against their will. It’s not uncommon for unmarried couples to purchase a home together. However, when couples decide to break up and only one party wants to sell the property, legal actions can be taken.

When one party refuses to sell, the party wanting to opt-out of ownership can file a Petition to Partition. This action begins the legal proceeding to force the sale of a property owned by co-tenants with a present, undivided legal interest (unmarried couples).

The division of a single-family residence is impractical therefore, the court will order the sale of the property. The property can be sold through a public auction, a private sale via a market listing, or a buy-out by the other owner. A court-appointed commissioner will oversee the sale of the property.

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