A Lawyer Providing Estate Planning Guidance

Zuckerman Law Group, PC, provides a comprehensive set of services concerning your estate planning needs. We will put together an estate plan that provides financial support for your family and allows for your business to keep running after you are gone. Our entire staff is committed to providing the right sort of plan that meets all of your personal needs.

Taking the Time to Understand Your Circumstances

Attorney Lisa Zuckerman works toward preservation of your personal property and assets. We accomplish this goal by sitting down with you, learning everything we need to understand about your estate, and most importantly learning about your wishes. We customize an estate plan to meet the needs of you and your family.

Our law firm understands how to use every estate planning tool to help you accomplish your goals. We also are capable of doing this in an effective and cost-efficient manner. It is within our capabilities of putting together a simple will that clarifies the manner you wish for your estate to be distributed. We can put together a plan catering to the needs of children with special needs. Our staff can also put together a plan for elderly individuals that assures preservation of their estate in the face of health care and nursing home costs.

Providing a Large Assortment of Estate Planning Services

Just some of the services we provide include:

  • Will preparation: Our law firm prepares simple wills meeting the basic needs of every estate, and more complex wills that operate in connection with other estate planning tools. The will we prepare complies in every way with Massachusetts’ probate law and contains clear and direct provisions that ensure distribution of your estate in exactly the manner you desire.
  • Trust preparation: We create a large variety of trusts for everyone we represent relating to their individual circumstances. This includes creation of special needs trusts for children requiring continuing care into adulthood. It includes putting together trusts that shelter assets from taxation and expense.
  • Guardianship setup: We set up the sort of guardianship that provides care for individuals who are unable to care for themselves. We make certain that their personal and financial matters are taken care of by trustworthy individuals. Our law firm will also provide guidance regarding the responsibilities of all parties relating to the guardianship.

Our Boston-area law firm prepares wills and trusts, and sets up guardianships to ensure the ultimate protection of your assets.

How To Contact Our Highly Capable Estate Planning Lawyer

Zuckerman Law Group, PC, in Newton and Woburn, provides services throughout the Boston area. Credit cards are accepted.