Attorney Representation Through the Entire Divorce Process

With law offices located in Newton and Woburn, Massachusetts, Attorney Lisa Zuckerman serves clients throughout Boston metrowest. Her clients are her priority. She take the time to understand your objectives, listen to your concerns and explore all of your options. She also explains your rights and obligations so that you know what to expect in the divorce process.

Our attorney Lisa Zuckerman has extensive knowledge of Massachusetts law as well as broad and comprehensive experience handling disputes ranging from uncontested divorce to complex property division cases. While we are prepared to take any matter to trial, we also have a successful record of results in negotiation and settlement. Regardless of whether your case is simple or complex, contentious or amicable, our firm will provide the sound counsel and support you need to protect your interests.

Focused on Clients and Long-Term Family Solutions

After we identify your goals, we will begin work immediately to achieve results. We will collect all relevant evidence, work with experts when necessary and apply the law to your individual circumstances to build your case. While negotiation and settlement can often save time and money, working with an experienced courtroom advocate is critical to protecting your rights. Lisa Zuckerman is renowned for her experience both as a negotiator and as a trial advocate and routinely takes clients as referrals from her professional peers and former clients.

Attorney Lisa Zuckerman handles cases involving:

Legal Separations and Temporary Orders

A legal separation may also demand temporary orders involving custody, visitation and support. Whether you are considering divorce or entering a dispute, we will pursue temporary orders issued immediately to secure your legal rights and financial security until a divorce is finalized. We can also assist in the creation of custody, support and visitation agreements.

At every stage, Attorney Lisa Zuckerman and staff will remain attentive and available to answer your questions and address your concerns, either by email or by phone. Whether you are considering a divorce or have already taken legal action in the divorce process, it is never too early or too late to consult with an experienced advocate who can protect your rights.

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Attorney Lisa Zuckerman offers clients a free consultation to discuss and review their legal issues before agreeing to hire our services. We will take the time to assess your individual circumstances, determine an appropriate course of action and inform you of how we can best protect your rights.

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