Securing Your Financial Interests in Divorce Cases

In any divorce, the division of property is complex. Long-term marriages, high net worth couples, executive stock options and family business assets can make the division of property more complex. Attorney Lisa Zuckerman offers dependable counsel and skilled representation handling complex property distribution cases and can effectively protect your rights.

A divorce involving complex asset division requires a thorough examination of property, experienced counsel and the execution of an appropriate strategy to protect your interests. While fear, loss and other emotions can confuse pragmatic legal issues, it is important to have a clear understanding of your rights and options throughout the process.

Equitable Distribution and Your Rights

In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, property will be distributed between two parties based on what is termed “equitable distribution.” This means that any property accumulated during the marital dissolution process will be distributed equitably, though not necessarily equal in monetary value, depending on the needs of the parties. The court may give one spouse more or less than half of the assets depending on duration of the marriage, education, age, health, conduct of the parties during marriage and contribution to the acquisition and preservation of the assets during the marriage.

Attorney Zuckerman is experienced in reviewing assets, debts, and income and working to best protect the financial security of our clients during divorce. We handle cases involving:

  • Complex property division
  • Characterization of assets
  • Executive income and stock options
  • Retirement accounts and QDRO filing
  • Tax implications
  • Savings and pensions
  • Valuation of real estate property
  • Vacation and second homes
  • Business succession and family businesses
  • Professional corporations
  • Division of debt
  • Coordination of property settlements and alimony negotiations
  • Division of military property

Protecting Your Financial Well-Being and Property at Time of Divorce

In addition to ensuring that you protect your fair share of marital property, we will also work to protect your personal property and other assets you brought into the marriage. You can also protect inheritance and some other sources of income for yourself. Our asset distribution lawyer is also experienced in complex cases involving hidden assets, offshore accounts and self-employed workers who do not properly report income. We can also assist in recovering these assets for purposes of alimony or child support.

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