Providing You Options Regarding Modification and Enforcement of Family Law Orders

Even after a family law or divorce judgment is finalized, you may need additional support to ensure that the order is enforced. Attorney Lisa Zuckerman can provide informed guidance and reliable legal counsel to protect your rights in modifying or enforcing a family court order. When you work with our law office, we will listen to the unique circumstances of your case and advise you of your options and potential outcomes. Taking into consideration your individual concerns, we will strive for best possible resolution with minimal cost and impact to your family.

Modification of Child Support

Any modification of a child support must be based on a material change in circumstances. Emancipation of a child, material changes of income for either parent, new medical or health care problems, or an increased expense can merit a modification of a child support order. Whether you need to decrease child support obligations, you are seeking an increase in support or are seeking a relocation, our firm is experienced in collecting relevant evidence for your case. Attorney Zuckerman will review all relevant documentation and consult with experts when necessary to achieve or defend against a modification.

Changes in Material Circumstances to Modify Custody

Family dynamics are always changing. A relocation, new job or the needs of a child could warrant a change to a custody or visitation agreement. Our firm will assist you in determining whether you will be successful and will work to accomplish your objectives through litigation and settlement or litigation, when necessary.

Attorney Lisa Zuckerman is experienced with cases involving:

  • Adjustments to child support or alimony due to an increase or decrease in income
  • Relocation of children for parents moving out of the city, state or country
  • Changes in visitation agreements and custody arrangements that are no longer feasible or convenient
  • Changes to an original order due to a threat to the child’s well-being, including issues with drugs, alcohol or abuse
  • Adjustments to account for holidays, vacations and other scheduling conflicts
  • Changes in the child’s health or education that demand additional support or modifications to original agreement

Enforcement and Contempt

A violation of a family order can lead to a contempt order. Penalties may include jail time, an order to make payments in default, an order to pay attorney’s fees and additional penalties. Failure to pay child support or alimony is punishable after a finding of contempt. If you are seeking or defending against an order of contempt, our attorney, Lisa Zuckerman, can advise you on your position, determine an appropriate legal course of action and will provide aggressive representation in court, when necessary.

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