The Rights of Parents When Relocating a Child Out of State

Anytime a parent wants to remove a child, whether parties were married or not, the parent seeking removal must petition the court and obtain permission before they may leave the state with the child. Whether you are interested in relocating with a child or you want to prevent a custodial parent from leaving with your child, you want to protect your rights involving a custody and visitation arrangement.

Attorney Lisa Zuckerman is dedicated to helping our clients protect their rights and successfully resolve custody, visitation and relocation disputes. Understanding that child relocation is one of the most difficult cases in family law, our lawyer brings experience and strategy to achieve results for our clients.

Relocation will impact a visitation schedule as well as any custody arrangements. A modification may become necessary to adjust for vacation time, schedules and even support issues. Working with an experienced advocate will ensure that your parental rights are protected and enforced throughout the process.

The court will review any existing custody order and visitation schedule and determine how the rights of both parties will be impacted. More closely, it will consider the best interests of the children. We understand the complexities involving jurisdiction and will act quickly to collect all relevant evidence. While we are prepared to take any case to trial, we are also able to resolve many cases through negotiation and settlement, with minimal impact on your family.

Moving Out of State With a Child

If you are the primary custodial parent and you want to move out of state, the court will examine the facts of your case to determine if the move is warranted. Under a two-prong test, the court will examine whether there is an advantage to parent and child who are seeking relocation and whether the move itself is in the best interests of the child. You need an attorney who understands the law, the individual circumstances of your case and who can effectively argue your case in accordance with legal standards.

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