Representation When Business Interests Are at Stake During Divorce

Business owners dealing with divorce issues face a large number of complexities. Determining what requires division is also difficult. In many marriages, the business is the single largest marital asset a couple owns. And because of the importance of dividing up the business, a number of challenges arise for both spouses. On the one hand, it is possible for the spouse running the business to conceal assets. On the other hand, profits may require reinvesting into the business to pay for expense. The consequences of mistakes made during the process often result in disastrous consequences for both spouses and for the business.

Understanding How Businesses Operate

To keep the business running successfully, we keep disruptions due to division of business assets to a minimum. As a family law lawyer, Lisa Zuckerman has extensive knowledge regarding the practice of divorce law in Massachusetts, and also understands the key considerations for keeping a business running. This representation also allows for business-sensitive information to receive protection while the divorce process is taking place.

We are also there for those we represent from the moment a marriage engagement arises until a divorce takes place. Our staff routinely drafts prenuptial agreements preventing disputes involving businesses from arising to begin with. We also prepare postnuptial agreements allowing for both spouses to go on with their lives while resolving issues that concern the business.

A Law Firm With the Resources to Resolve Business Property Issues

Attorney Lisa Zuckerman understands division of property considerations that take place during a divorce, and we have the skill set to protect your interests. Attorney Zuckerman routinely litigates family law matters involving high-income couples, and has the trial experience and negotiating skills to bring about the best possible outcome for you.

Our law firm has access to accountants and experts in determining business valuation, and we are capable of putting together a strategy for buying out the other spouse’s interests in the business in the most effective manner.

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