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Legal Help: Marriage and Divorce for Same-Sex Couples

While Massachusetts law allows for the marriage of same-sex couples, dissolution, divorce and other issues may become more complicated. Unique issues may arise for same-sex couples involving federal pensions, custody rights involving children who were not legally adopted and the division of complex property. Attorney Lisa Zuckerman has extensive experience in complex family legal cases, including planning and marriage for same-sex couples, marital disputes, dissolution and divorce.

Your rights and the future of your family are our priority. We are highly skilled in same-sex legal issues and will work to support your rights and increase your opportunities for a successful resolution. Attorney Zuckerman has handled complex issues involving tax law, business valuation and the division of complex property.

We understand the issues faced by same-sex couples and have the requisite experience, knowledge and dedication to achieve results.

Same-Sex Marriage and Divorce

Whether you are entering marriage and need planning assistance or you are facing divorce, it is important to have an attorney working on your behalf. Attorney Lisa Zuckerman is a seasoned attorney for same-sex divorce with experience in cases involving:

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Understanding that the legal issues you face can have a significant impact on your rights, security and your future, we will take every necessary step to ensure the best possible outcome in your case. We know that every situation is unique and will take the time to review the facts of your case, identify your objectives and work toward a reasonable solution that meets your family’s needs.

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