Facebook and Social Media's Effect on Divorce

Social networking sites, including Facebook, are increasingly becoming a common means of communication. While there are obvious benefits, this can also mean the exposure of private details and even documentation of infidelity or other indiscretions during a marriage. Facebook is said to be a leading cause of divorce and has been used as evidence during divorce and custody proceedings.

Attorney Lisa Zuckerman remains abreast of trends and know the significant impact of Facebook evidence in divorce cases. Whether you are considering divorce, entering the divorce process or are facing a legal complication, we are here to answer your questions and help you move forward with your rights protected.

Limit Exposure of Your Case on Facebook

It is not uncommon for one spouse to connect with someone from his or her past and start communicating. Any evidence obtained from a social media site can be used during a case and can impact the outcome of a divorce proceeding. Attorney Lisa Zuckerman will take the time to review all evidence in your case and develop a comprehensive approach to protect your rights.

  • Do not post pictures of a new girlfriend or boyfriend. Facebook evidence can be used to prove infidelities or to show the breakdown of a relationship.
  • “Party” pictures and other photos could be upsetting and also be used as evidence to show that a parent is unfit. Ultimately, this could impact a custody arrangement.
  • Writing about your divorce, talking about your spouse or divulging too much information on the Internet can leave a negative impression that may affect custody, property division and other family law rights.
  • Using dating sites and revealing private information, such as income, could also be used as evidence, impacting division of finances and assets and alimony disputes.

Be Smart and Protect Your Rights — Facebook as Divorce Evidence

You should always be aware of how your actions may impact your case. If you are in a new relationship, you should be sensitive about posting those pictures online. You should also be aware of the impact those photos may have on your children. The court can take social media photos into consideration when making custody decisions. Always be aware of how using social media can impact your rights and the outcome of your case.

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