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10 Questions To Help You Create Your Will

Creating a will not at the top of your to-do-list? Maybe it should be! Creating an estate plan is one way to ensure your family is taken care of, and your wishes are carried out in the future.

Having a will isn’t just for the uber-rich or elderly. In fact, everyone should have a will regardless of your marital status, age, or the size of one’s estate.

When writing out your will, many considerations need to be taken into account. Here are ten questions you can answer to help you have peace of mind about your family’s future.

Family Considerations Question #1 Who will raise your children if they’re under the age of 18? When choosing a guardian for your children, consider who your kids will be comfortable with, who shares your values, and who has the capacity to raise additional children.

Question #2 Who will serve as their … Read More »

10 Questions To Help You Create Your Will

A Holistic Approach to Your Affairs

For many people, especially those approaching middle- or retirement-age, know they should put together a plan for their estate, but feel overwhelmed by the details and options. They continue to put off estate planning for “another day” until, often, it is too late. Younger people also should consider their affairs, because there is no time like the present and because tomorrow is never guaranteed.

In fact, putting together a comprehensive estate plan, whatever your particular situation in life, is easier than you think. There are five major components of any estate plan, addressing both medical care at the end of life and the disposition of one’s property.

Three Options During Life

While handling the affairs of someone who dies intestate—without a will—can be difficult, costly, and time-consuming, some of the most difficult choices facing families are those around medical care and end-of-life decisions. By … Read More »

5 Key Questions to Answer When Creating Your Will

If you don’t want important decisions to be left up to the state when you’re gone, you need a will. If the idea of creating a will feels like you’re tempting fate, think of it as a road map you’re leaving your family, so they don’t have to stress over making the right decisions on your behalf.

First, you need to understand the differences between a living will and a last will and testament, usually referred to as a will. These are two different documents that serve different purposes.

A living will serves to state your wishes in the event you cannot communicate. This is a legal document outlining which life support services you approve or disapprove of in certain situations.

A last will and testament dictates how you wish your assets to be distributed and utilized following your death. This article will address five crucial questions you need to … Read More »